"Follow your heart" - Jessica Jung
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“눈물이 마를정도로 흘린 눈물은..이미 갈기갈기 찢어진 마음은 상상하지 못할정도의 고통일텐데..이제 더는 상처받을 일이 생기지 않길..기적이 일어나길..정말 간절하게 기도합니다..이번 일로 희생하신 모든 분들..부디 좋은 곳으로 가시길..애도합니다..”


[TRANS] “Tears have been shed until they all dried and are no more.. Hearts that were already torn to shreds continue to be in unimaginable pain.. Let nothing happen to hurt them further.. Let a miracle happen.. I desperately pray.. To all the victims of this event.. May you be at a better place.. I mourn for you..”

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"While beautiful looks are important, I think beauty that comes from the inside is also very important."- Jessica. Happy birthday princess!

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"And Jessica…Jessie? Jessie is…the Jessie that I like. We’ve been together for so~ long. Other girls too, but you and I went to school together, and we do everything together every day. Hey, the fact that I’m quiet doesn’t mean I think no thoughts…actually, I may have more." - Tiffany

"Dear Tiffany who outshines the jewels~ Fany~ the more I get to know you, and the more you get to know me, we have so much in common and you must also feel that we can rely on each other because I felt so. Did you? So as the two English-speaking girls in the group, not only inside the group, but also outside, let’s be friends forever. I like you alot, Fany, and care for you." - Jessica

snsd’s stardium cheer up message (inspired by x)

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140330 Dandyu @ The Return of Superman

Dandyu with their dog, Kyoro